Language Study Holidays
Established 1975

Aide-Maman: Apply

Before applying, please remember that your guest’s main aim is to improve her English. But in return for your hospitality she will help you in various ways around the home.

She has no training in child care and is not a nanny, so your expectations must not be too high. You will find that, unlike the average mother, she may not be capable of doing two or three things perfectly at the same time!

Do allow her the best part of a week to to get to know you, accustom herself to your routine and settle in.
However, if you have any difficulties, please telephone us to discuss the problem.

After receiving your application, we shall contact you to discuss your placement in more detail and confirm the dates.
The aide-maman we offer you will have been carefully selected to suit your requirements and references will have been taken up in France.

Please click the link below to go to our online application form: